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Welcome to the corporate website of TOMMY GLOBAL TRADE, a leading import and distribution agency in Japan. We specialize in importing practical and captivating products from overseas and introducing them to the Japanese market. Our ultimate goal is to spread unique and exceptional products from around the world throughout Japan. Leveraging our passion and expertise, we provide high-quality and innovative products, creating new value in the Japanese market.


About Our Business:

At our company, we carefully select outstanding products discovered overseas through a rigorous selection process. Based on criteria such as quality, functionality, design, and alignment with consumer needs, we only introduce the finest products to the Japanese market. We prioritize rigorous quality control and testing to ensure that our customers can acquire products of reliable quality.



Our Mission:

Our mission is to promote products in the Japanese market and create new value. We strive to spread extraordinary products from around the world across Japan, delivering the highest quality and innovative offerings to our customers. We propose optimal products tailored to our customers\' needs and provide a satisfying shopping experience.




Market Research in Japan: Our expert team stays updated on market trends and demand in Japan, providing appropriate product recommendations to our clients.
Utilization of Crowdfunding: When introducing new products, we leverage crowdfunding to raise funds and support product launch and promotional activities.
Diverse Sales Channel Expansion: We utilize various sales channels such as online platforms, retail stores, and specialty shops to effectively distribute products. We particularly focus on exhibiting at the Tokyo Gift Show, where we devote significant efforts.



Collaborative Consultants:

We collaborate with experienced consultants who possess specialized knowledge. Our partnered consultant, Yubi Ken Consulting (, holds extensive expertise in business expansion within the Japanese market, supporting our operations.



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